For companies seeking to hire accountants (and this isn’t just limited to CPA firms, of course), outsourcing continues to provide them with an affordable and convenient way to fulfil their needs, particularly during a time in which talented and committed accountants are hard to come by. As you may or may not know, there has been a shortage of qualified and experienced accountants in recent years, and the problem is ongoing.

So, if your firm is on the look-out for great accountants, or bookkeepers, but is struggling to find any that are suitable, bookkeeping outsourcing services could offer you a number of distinct advantages, some of which are listed below:

Access to an unlimited and global pool of talent

Finding the right accountant or bookkeeper for the job is easy with outsourcing, and what’s even better about it, is that you’re not just limited to one person; you can benefit from the expertise of an entire pool of qualified professionals, ready and waiting to fulfil your needs quickly, effectively and affordably.

Budget-friendly solutions

Hiring full, or even part-time employees can be costly, especially when you factor in salaries, benefits and overheads. With outsourcing on the other hand, you can effectively reduce the costs typically associated with labor, and still get all the great benefits of an in-house employee.  

Access to the latest technology

Providers of outsourced accounting services often have expertise in working with different types of software and tools, something that you can benefit from without having to invest a dime in, and which you may struggle to find when hiring regular accounting or bookkeeping professionals.


One month you may need more staff than the next, or your workload might increase at certain times of the year, such as tax season. Hiring full-time staff means that they might be sat around twiddling their thumbs some of the time, while at other times they may not be able to cope. Outsourcing enables you to meet your staffing needs precisely, irrespective of whether it’s a quiet period, or exceptionally busy one.

Enhanced quality

With so many talented and qualified bookkeepers and accountants signed up to their agency, outsourced service providers typically have no problems finding the right people for the right roles. This means that the standard of work you provide for your clients will always be of a consistently high level, and you can save time struggling to hire employees to match your needs, or hiring them and being forced to spend time and money training them.

Improved work/life balance

During such times as tax season, accounting employees often experience burnout due to the intensity of their workload, and the pressure they are under to fulfil the needs of their clients before IRS deadlines. Outsourcing provides accounting firms with the ideal opportunity to relieve the burden their employees may be under, helping them to balance their work and personal life more effectively, and ideally, be more productive and content when at work.

If your business is facing the challenge of finding, hiring, and retaining accountants that are great at what they do, and who can help propel your firm forward, you may want to give some serious consideration to the option of outsourced bookkeeping. Giving you access to workers who are skilled and readily available to help you at a moment’s notice, not to mention offering you an affordable alternative to the costs associated with hiring salaried staff, outsourcing from an experienced and professional provider, could be a cost-effective solution to staffing shortages within the accounting industry.