There are many different types of outsourcing services that can help accountants better manage their workloads while delivering high value services to their clients, and tax preparation is just one of them. However, it is undoubtedly one of the most significant, since accountants are often crushed under the burden of work that tax season produces, every single year.

Unfortunately, unless accounting firms seek to outsource tax preparation from a professional third party service provider, the situation is unlikely to improve, and they will forever be battling to meet tax deadlines, and grappling with very high stress levels.

If you’re an accountant facing mounting pressure to fulfil your clients tax preparation requirements, outsourcing could be the ideal solution, and here’s why:

  • It can significantly reduce your costs

Reducing operational costs is a target for most accounting firms, whatever their size, and by seeking to outsource some of their tax preparation requirements, they can enable their teams to focus on projects and streams of revenue that are both more interesting, and more profitable.

  • It can solve staffing issues

Whether you’re struggling with the ongoing crisis of a lack of talent in the U.S. accounting industry, or simply can’t find staff who are reliable, labor issues are one of the biggest problems faced by accounting firms today. Outsourcing, however, can solve all of these problems, by supplying you with teams of qualified and skilled professionals, ready to help out at the drop of a hat. And, without salaries and sick leave to think about, you can increase your workload and offer your clients even more valuable services.

  • It can make scaling up or down, a cinch

Expanding your firm or your client base, is made easy with outsourcing, and should you need to scale down for any reason, you won’t face the awful predicament of having to let people go.

  • It gives you access to the very best talent

As touched upon above, when you outsource your tax prep needs, you gain access to professionals who have trained extensively within the profession, and who are ready and able to tackle even the most complex of tax scenarios, risk-free and with ease.

  • It minimizes the risk of fraud

When you move your tax preparation to an outsourced service provider, you significantly reduce the risk of fraud, and are granted far greater internal control over security in general. In addition to this, your third-party provider, whether they be offshore or nearshore, will identify issues and give you advance warning of any potential problems or inconsistencies.

When all is said and done, tax preparation outsourcing services can be a real godsend for many busy accounting firms, and the advantages it brings with it, are immeasurable. So if you’re seeking to lessen your workload during busy times of the year, reduce your stress levels all year-round, and still be able to offer clients everything they expect from you, and more, then it could be time to find a reliable outsourcing service provider, and start your journey towards profitability, together.