Seriously, it’s not that we’re bashful. It’s true… The founder of SuperAccountants wanted to capture the idea of accounting firms as heroes. That’s because, let’s face it, accounting doesn’t have a glamorous image, and preparing tax returns can be seen as pretty unexciting stuff.

However, the fact remains that preparing tax returns is a vital part of the US economic system, and tax prep is an essential part of what all accounting firms do. Late or incorrect returns invite penalties, so they need to be correct.

The shortage of CPAs is widely documented, increasing the pressure on accounting firms as the established tax season peaks and the deadlines for Individual and Corporate IRS submissions. And the need for competent bookkeeping resources at a price point that delivers value is a compelling proposition.

The wealth of accounting talent in India provides the CPA and bookkeeping resources to fill this gap. We train our teams in US accounting conventions, US tax law, and Drake Tax software. Blending global presence with local expertise allows us to bridge the distance to this skilled workforce to deliver our services to the standards expected by US accounting firms, and those required by US financial regulators and the IRS.

Our services are designed to deliver meticulous attention to detail, consistent accuracy, and peace of mind on security. Quite simply, when it has gone through the hands of SuperAccountants, you can be sure it’s been done right.

If you’re Batman, you can think of us as Robin! Here’s to all you unsung accounting heroes out there…

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Charlotte Heyer
"Owning a tax preparation firm has its intense seasons, but partnering with has reshaped our work landscape. Gone are the grueling 60-hour weeks for my team. Thanks to their precise and efficient outsourcing services, my employees are not only delivering top-notch work but also enjoying a healthier work-life balance, often leaving the office earlier and noticeably happier. Their positive impact on both our workflow and workplace morale can't be overstated. A must-have partnership for firms aiming for quality work and employee satisfaction!"
Beatriz Landa
"As an enrolled agent and firm owner, I'm thoroughly impressed with Their exceptional outsourcing services have eased our peak seasons, enabling my team to focus on complex returns and expand our clientele. Their quality, precision, and dedication are unmatched. Highly recommended for any tax professional seeking efficient operations without quality compromise."
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