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How It Works - Tax Preparation

Processed through Drake Tax

Get accurately processed tax return submission data with absolute confidence in security. We process returns solely through Drake Tax Software, a top-tier provider of professional tax preparation software.

Hand-picked accounting talent

Our tax preparation services relieve firms of tax season pressure that is amplified by shortages of skilled Tax Preparers.  SuperAccountants team of Tax Preparers are hand-picked from some of the best offshored accounting talent in India. Each team member is thoroughly trained in US tax law and proficient in Drake Tax, ensuring the expert preparation of US tax returns.

Intuitive dashboard for professionals

Access through a client portal that makes it a breeze to manage your account and workflow. The dashboard is designed by accounting professionals to be intuitive and it’s tailored to enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your tax preparation process.

Follow these simple steps and leave the rest to us

1. Buy

Contact us to discuss our plans and get pricing. Choose and purchase the Individual or Corporate services you need. Buy single jobs, or buy in blocks of 25, 50 or 100 and get discounted rates to reduce your costs.

2. Access

Login and manage your tax prep jobs through our portal. We use OTP (One Time Passcode) security to prevent unauthorized access to your account, just one of our industry standard information security features.

3. Submit

To submit a tax prep job, just create an order. Select from Individual or Corporate submission, and tell us whether you need it turned around in 24 hours or if 3 days is OK. Upload your PL and BS in PDF Format and let us do the rest.

4. Monitor Status

Access your specialized dashboard through the portal to oversee your workflow and interact with the team in India. Clearly view the status of your returns order.

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How it Works - Bookkeeping

An extension of your team

Our bookkeepers fit right in as an extension of your team, providing better value through performing routine tasks diligently. Get the solid bookkeeping knowledge and discipline that is the foundation of good accounting at a cost that makes better sense!

Hand-picked bookkeeping talent

Just like our Tax Preparers, we handpick our team of bookkeepers from the finest accounting experts in India. Every individual receives comprehensive training in QuickBooks and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, ensuring meticulous and standardized management of financial records.

Skilled resource at unbeatable value

Key bookkeeping tasks are performed with meticulous attention to detail, every time. Access to skilled resource that equates to unbeatable value. Following these process steps means it is easy to offload the burden of bookkeeping onto us.

Follow these simple steps to get started with bookeeping

1. Consult

Contact us to discuss our full and part-time bookkeeper plans and get pricing. We consult to learn your needs and give you a full understanding of how we intend to work alongside you.

2. Assign

We assign a fully-employed, offshore bookkeeper to your account. This is a salaried member of our team, not a gig-worker. This bookkeeper is your dedicated resource that becomes an extension of your team

3. Trial

We provide 24 hours over 3 working days to trial the arrangement and to align processes and workflow. This allows us to identify and iron out any potential issues, ensuring a smooth delivery of the service.

4. Implement

On successful completion of the trial we implement bookkeeping as a daily operation. There is no contract, so you can walk away any time. All we ask is for a three month commitment to cover our startup costs.

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Charlotte Heyer
"Owning a tax preparation firm has its intense seasons, but partnering with has reshaped our work landscape. Gone are the grueling 60-hour weeks for my team. Thanks to their precise and efficient outsourcing services, my employees are not only delivering top-notch work but also enjoying a healthier work-life balance, often leaving the office earlier and noticeably happier. Their positive impact on both our workflow and workplace morale can't be overstated. A must-have partnership for firms aiming for quality work and employee satisfaction!"
Beatriz Landa
"As an enrolled agent and firm owner, I'm thoroughly impressed with Their exceptional outsourcing services have eased our peak seasons, enabling my team to focus on complex returns and expand our clientele. Their quality, precision, and dedication are unmatched. Highly recommended for any tax professional seeking efficient operations without quality compromise."
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