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A New Accounting Partner to Ease Your Workload

Reliable and meticulous attention to detail, a business partner on which your firm can depend.

Deliver More Client Value

Free up your internal team to deliver greater value to your clients. Outsource your tax submission requirements to us and improve service levels to boost client satisfaction.

Securing Your Data

100% secure cloud infrastructure with data sovereignty restricted exclusively to US data centers. Industry standard data security ensures client data is not compromised.

Certainty of Fixed Fees

SuperAccountants provides certainty through fixed fees. Most other outsourced tax preparation and bookkeeping services cannot guarantee the price for work up front.

Deliver Better Value and Get Total Security with Predictable Costs

Removing the barriers and overcoming the objections that prevent many firms from outsourcing.

The Cure for CPA Shortages!

COVID-19… The Great Resignation… the reasons for shortages of qualified accounting professionals is complicated. Prevent the talent gap tying up your staff in routine tax preparation and bookkeeping. Free your team to deliver more client value by leaving the routine work to us.

Free you accounting team

Security First for Peace of Mind

One of the great barriers to outsourcing sensitive financial matters like tax is concern over security. SuperAccountants’ data protection measures safeguard against insider fraud and support privacy and confidentiality through continual pursuit of achieving adherence to international standards for information security.

Security First

Predictable Fixed Fees

Historically. outsourcing in the tax and accounting field has been a complex business. Our business model simplifies what we provide, making our fee structure crystal clear. You pay a fixed fee for each type of return. If only everything in life was as predictable as the fee for a SuperAccountants return!

Fixed Fees

Client Portal for Easy Account and Workflow Management

Designed with simplicity in mind by accounting professionals… for accounting professionals.

Simple Plans

Streamlining our business model reduces costs by providing services for Individual (1040) and Corporate (1065, 1120 and 1120S) tax form submissions.

Purchase Blocks of Jobs

Create orders to purchase a single job, or buy in blocks of 25, 50 or 100 to obtain progressively discounted rates. It’s financially savvy to make greater use of SuperAccountants!

Submit Your Jobs

To submit each job, you simply create an order. Select the type of submission to be prepared, how quickly you need it, and any comments to instruct our team.

Speedy Turnaround

SuperAccountants lets you choose the speed at which our team runs each job. Select standard for a 3 - 5 working day turnaround, or expediated with a 24-hour service

Monitor Your Workflow

Secured with OTP (One Time Passcode) security, login to SuperAccountants through the portal to manage your account and monitor your workflow.

At a Glance Dashboard

SuperAccountants exclusive dashboard lets you see where you are… Pending, In Progress or Complete, you easily see the status of each job you have submitted.


What Accounting Firms Say About Us

Learn what our customers think about our services.

Beatriz Landa
"As an enrolled agent and firm owner, I'm thoroughly impressed with Their exceptional outsourcing services have eased our peak seasons, enabling my team to focus on complex returns and expand our clientele. Their quality, precision, and dedication are unmatched. Highly recommended for any tax professional seeking efficient operations without quality compromise."
Charlotte Heyer
"Owning a tax preparation firm has its intense seasons, but partnering with has reshaped our work landscape. Gone are the grueling 60-hour weeks for my team. Thanks to their precise and efficient outsourcing services, my employees are not only delivering top-notch work but also enjoying a healthier work-life balance, often leaving the office earlier and noticeably happier. Their positive impact on both our workflow and workplace morale can't be overstated. A must-have partnership for firms aiming for quality work and employee satisfaction!"

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