The ongoing shortage of accounting talent across the U.S. is still causing problems for firms desperately seeking to recruit employees for their busy, growing firms. However, there are a few things companies can do to try and attract what few talented accounting professionals there are, to their firm, and here are 6 of them:

  1. Create the right kind of company culture

Serving as a compass to guide employees toward success that is shared, the culture of a company can help foster creativity, encourage open communication, and make everyone a whole lot more productive. Through flexible work schedules, options to work remotely, and allowing for employees personal commitments, your firm can attract fresh new talent, and keep them onboard for longer.

Your firm should also demonstrate transparency, fairness and integrity at all times, to build a team of professionals that work well together, and for the good of the firm as a whole.

2. Offer compensation and benefits that are competitive

From health insurance to retirement plans, what you can offer employees in terms of perks, should be viewed more as essentials, especially as they are such an enticing draw for new hires. This, along with a series of worthwhile incentives and performance-based bonuses, all serve to show your team that you value them, and appreciate their efforts.

3. Mandate that all employees continue learning and growing

When employees are given opportunities to advance and enhance their skills, provided you’re ticking all of the other employee retainment boxes, it will be your firm that reaps the rewards. With their newfound knowledge and skills, and plenty of opportunities for them to advance their career within your firm, they could really shine.

4. Build the structure of your organization around your team

Teamwork really can make the dreamwork, and by encouraging team members to share their ideas and collaborate with others within the firm, the very best results can be achieved. But, strong leadership is also required, and investing in mentoring and training programs can help identify potential leaders and nurture them through the process.

5. Take advantage of modern tools and tech

There are lots of great accounting tools available today, that can work wonders for productivity and reduce errors significantly. If candidates see that your firm isn’t making use of the latest tech and tools, they may well assume that your work processes are outdated, and that management’s frame of mind isn’t one open to change and modernity. It’s important to recognise that many of the most talented professionals from within your industry are tech-savvy, and don’t just want to use tech to help them do their work better, but expect it.

6. Make inclusivity and diversity a given

To attract potential candidates from a wider and more diverse pool of new recruits, your firm must have robust policies regarding equal opportunities. Fairness and diversity coupled with competitiveness can be a powerful combination, and with a varied workforce who are all treated the same, who knows where your firm could end up?

With so many accounting firms all facing the same struggles in terms of finding and retaining talent, it can feel like an uphill battle that you simply stand no chance of ever winning. But, by paying close attention to everything listed above, there’s nothing to stop you from bagging yourself some great new hires, while your competitors flounder.