There is one challenge commonly faced by all CPA firms: making sure that their financial affairs are managed with the same accuracy and professionalism as those of their clients.

Having accounting and bookkeeping procedures that are both accurate and efficient,isessential tohealthy financial management, but handling both their own and their clients finances, can lead to some confusion and an inability to focus on the growth of their own business. While CPA firms can hire a small team of accountants to handle their own bookkeeping and tax requirements while they focus on their clients, many find it more convenient and cost-effective to outsource their requirements.

Here are seven ways in which outsourcing can be a catalyst for growth for accountants and CPA firms:

  1. By giving you access to all the latest tech

With technology impacting virtually every industry, accounting can also benefit profoundly from tech advances, but many smaller CPA firms don’t have the funds to purchase accounting and bookkeeping software. But, by outsourcing their accounting requirements, they can gain all the benefits of the latest software as used by the service provider they choose to engage with.

2. Allowing you more internal control

Once you’ve begun outsourcing to a professional bookkeeping and accounting provider, you can assign your client’s projects to your in-house team, helping to ensure that all work is completed to a high standard thanks to the collaboration of a number of CPAs. This also helps to bolster internal controls by way of proper balances that your outsourced provider has prepared, which can go a long way towards preventing costly errors and potential fraud.

3. Bringing value to CPA firms seeking to grow

Whether you’re running an accounting start-up, or are the owner of a successful CPA firm, outsourcing is fast becoming the go-to solution for growing companies who are unable to handle the intensity of their workload with efficiency. In doing so, companies can focus on growing their business instead of stressing over the management of time consuming accounting tasks.

4. Offering options for scalability

At certain times of the year when CPA firms are typically busier (such as during tax season), or when employee absences are more acute, outsourcing can offer them a viable and dependable solution that eliminates the expense and hassle of hiring temporary employees.

5. Reducing overheads

There are a lot of overheads associated with even the smallest of CPA firms, such as subscriptions to software, office equipment and furniture, staff etc., and for those looking to expand, those overheads will only increase. By taking advantage of outsourcing services, companies can still focus on expansion, without the worry of a rise in overhead expenditures.

6. By increasing operational efficiency

If an accounting firm desperately wants to grow, but is unable to afford the technology and infrastructure with which to do so in an efficient manner, outsourcing can still enable them to grow, while continuing to satisfy both existing and new clients.

7. Giving a competitive advantage

Provided you work with an experienced and skilled outsourcing partner, you will be able to provide your clients with even more services than you could possibly offer them alone, helping you become truly competitive in a fierce, crowded market.

With so many plus points associated with outsourcing, CPA firms and accountants who want to remain competitive while still being able to expand and grow their client base, would be crazy not to at least consider outsourcing some of their bookkeeping and accounting requirements.