Some accounting firms may be lucky enough to keep a constant flow of clients thanks to their great reputation or effective marketing measures, but for others, finding clients isn’t as easy.

If you want to build up a bigger client base and attract new clients to your accounting practise, here are 8 ways to do it:

  1. Find your niche

Before you even begin looking for new clients, determine your niche and what it is that sets you apart from your competitors.

2. Determine what makes a high quality client

Having lots of low quality clients is typically worse than having a smaller number of high quality ones, so try to establish what attributes a good client should have, and look for these when building up your practise.

3. Partner up with other professionals in the industry

It may be that a potential client has requirements that you can’t fulfil, and instead of simply brushing them off, try recommending the services of others within the industry who may be able to give them what they need. Even if you don’t end up securing this particular client, they will remember that you helped them in another way, and may even recommend you to others for this fact alone.

4. Put a referral program in place

Often more effective than advertising methods of a more traditional nature, referrals typically come from trusted sources, such as members of your family, friends, and mentors. But, such referrals aren’t always made automatically, and so you may need to diplomatically request them while making it clear how helpful referrals can be to you.

5. Get actively networking

By going out of your way to network with others who are involved in your industry, on popular platforms such as LinkedIn, you can help boost your profile and get noticed for all the right reasons.

6. Help your clients discover you

Think about how your clients might discover you, and use appropriate methods of marketing to locate them, and entice them into using your services. Whether they’re using Google searches to find local accountants, or are trawling the streets looking for one, you can increase your chances of being discovered by understanding where your clients are.

7. Invest in a good quality website

Nowadays, having a functioning and informative website is just as important as the services you offer, and by investing in a professionally designed website with a clear CTA (call-to-action), you can help potential clients find you, learn more about you, and sign up for your services. 

8. Take advantage of social media

Social media offers an expansive reach that’s unparalleled when compared to other methods of marketing, and as such, having a strong presence on popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can help you connect with a far larger audience.

From connecting potential clients with other service providers to asking for referrals and having a strong presence on social media, there are plenty of creative ways for professional accountants to both establish and build upon, their client base.