There are a whole host of different pressures within the accounting industry for CPAs and other professionals to deal with on a daily basis, from disruptions to technology, and economic issues, among many others.

While such companies may have no choice but to deal with these pressures, when not dealt with appropriately, they have the potential to bring a business down. One way of alleviating some of the pressures experienced by CPAs, is to outsource tax preparation services, which can lighten their load and reduce the burden not just at tax season, but all year round.

Below are some other pressures felt by accounting professionals, along with ways in which to alleviate, or eliminate them:

Economic uncertainty

With inflation, interest rates, and currency volatility still affecting many industries in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are finding it hard to predict trends in the market and remain profitable.

However, by diversifying the services they offer beyond traditional accounting, to include such things as tax planning, consultancy, and financial advice, accountants may be able to improve their revenue stream.

With strict measures put in place to control costs related to operational expenses, they may also be able to maintain profitability, even during times of economic crisis.

Shortage of talent

The skills gap, high employee turnover rates, and a shift towards remote working, have amplified the shortage of talent within the industry.

But, by investing in training and development for existing employees, and leveraging technology such as cloud accounting to enable a culture of remote working, new employees may be attracted to your firm, while existing ones are encouraged to stay. 

Technological disruption

Never has technology moved at such a fast pace as it does today, and firms within the accounting industry must stay on top of tech trends, and ramp up cyber security, if they’re to remain competitive.

However, staying on top of a continually dynamic technological landscape is essential for accounting professionals – and absolutely possible – by implementing robust security protocols, and adopting AI and analytics tech.

Regulatory compliance

With many smaller accounting businesses unable to afford legal advice, the complexities of local, national, and international laws related to data privacy, environmental regulations, and financial reporting, may end up costing them dearly.

But, by keeping themselves as updated as possible with regulatory changes, through subscriptions to industry newsletters, taking part in conferences and webinars, accountants can do their best to avoid compliance issues.  

Market competition

With pressures arising from globalization, high customer expectations and disruptive startups, competition is extremely fierce within all manner of industries.

For accounting firms, handling this pressure can be helped by leveraging positive client testimonials and case studies, and working on giving all clients a great experience that they would want to repeat, and recommend to others.

When the pressure mounts for accounting professionals, turning to the expert help of tax preparation outsourcing services, and adopting strategic solutions in-house, can prove monumental in alleviating much of the burden, and giving them the power to succeed, even when times are hard.