Accounting firms, just like any other firm in virtually any other industry, cannot simply sit back and expect clients to come to them.

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any company’s success and longevity, and with these 5 tips, you could soon be reaching a far wider audience and appealing to clients you never even knew were out there:

  1. Keep your website updated

Your website is the first port of call for many potential clients wishing to avail of your firm’s services, and as such, must offer them everything they need, and ideally, more. Consider the appeal of its layout, the worth of its content, and how easily it can be navigated. Are you giving too much vague information and not enough detailed information, or are you talking about services you don’t even offer?

Your website must be focused, interesting, accurate, and be an accurate reflection of your firm and what you are offering.

2. Focus on reaching the top of local search results pages

SEO might not be something you’ve ever heard of, but a digital marketing company certainly will, and it works by helping a company maximize visitors to their website by placing it at the top (or close to the top) of the results listed by search engines. Standing for Search Engine Optimization, this alone can help you speak to a wider audience and reach those most likely to engage with your firm and its services.

If this seems a little out of your reach, hire a digital marketing firm to work on it for you, it will likely be well worth the investment.

3. Start a blog and maintain it regularly

With a carefully curated blog, your firm can offer information and guidance to visitors that they might not have found anywhere else, and which can help establish you as an authority on a specific subject, or stand out as a leader in your field. It can also be used as a support for your social media content and any email marketing efforts you might be using, however, it’s important to update the blog on a regular basis.

Host the blog on the same domain as your website, and it could even help boost your visibility in online search results. 

4. Make good and appropriate use of social media

With millions of us being connected via social media platforms today, to not take advantage of these when marketing your accounting firm, would simply be foolish. Fantastic for helping your firm increase its visibility and make more people aware of your services, digital marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, and what’s even better, is that a lot of it can be done for free. That said, it pays to know what you’re doing, especially if seeking to grow your audience organically, and you may benefit from hiring a digital expert to implement some effective social media marketing strategies on your behalf.

5. Maximize your efforts with email marketing

By providing your clients with regular marketing via email, you’re not only giving them an easy way to share your services and expertise with others, but you’re making sure that they don’t forget about you, either. Some clients may only use your services for a short period every year, but by reminding them of how useful they could be to you, they might consider using your services throughout the financial year.

For your accounting firm – and so many others just like it – staying relevant in a fast-paced, increasingly digitalized world is absolutely essential, particularly when it’s constantly evolving. But, provided you’re willing to put the work in and make efforts to market your business in ways that clients and potential clients can connect with (even when times are good and client numbers are high), you can look forward to a healthier business with a brighter future.