Offering accounting and tax professionals a whole host of advantages, offshore bookkeeping services can help them keep their costs down, while giving them access to skilled professionals who can help them with scalability, risk mitigation, and flexibility.

Giving them the freedom to shift their focus to higher revenue-generating tasks, offshore bookkeeping services are a smart, modern solution to an age-old problem for many CPA firms; that of how to meet demand while still offering clients valuable services.

When CPA firms are able to delegate many of their time consuming, but not necessarily high revenue generating tasks to outsourced bookkeeping professionals, they can concentrate on growing their business so that they’re always competitive, and always offering the best services to clients. And, with the enhanced security measures most offshore bookkeeping firms deploy, your clients sensitive data can be better protected, all of the time.

But what exactly are the responsibilities of offshore bookkeeping companies? Let’s take a look:

Data entry and recording

Every financial transaction must be meticulously recorded by offshore bookkeepers and entered into the accounting system, from expenses and investments to income.

A foundational step, all financial analysis and reporting is based upon this.

Bank reconciliation

A critical responsibility of offshore bookkeepers, and essential for detecting fraud and maintaining accuracy financially, regular bank reconciliation is when offshore bookkeepers compare the financial records of a company with bank statements. They will look for discrepancies, and make sure all transactions are properly accounted for.

Financial reporting

Balance sheets offer a snapshot of how a company is positioned financially, income statements show its profitability, and cash flow statements track all money coming in and going out. Each of these reports help CPA firms make decisions that are informed, and each are generated by reputable offshore bookkeeping services.

Accounts payable and receivable

Involving the processing of vendor bills and making sure timely payments are made to sustain secure credit terms and good relationships, managing accounts payable is an important service provided by offshore bookkeeping services. Accounts receivable, on the other hand, involves the invoicing process, tracking payments made by customers, and chasing collections to keep cash flowing.

Tax preparation

Many offshore bookkeeping agencies offer preparing and filing tax returns as part of their services, too, meaning that they can be of even greater assistance to harried CPAs during tax season.

Cost control

Opportunities to save money often arise following detailed financial data analysis, and by analyzing expenses, identifying any inefficiencies, and suggesting cot-cutting strategies, offshore bookkeepers can enhance a CPA firms profitability.  

Financial analysis

Going beyond the basics of mere record keeping, expert offshore bookkeepers analyze such things as financial trends, KPIs, and performance metrics, to help CPA firms make decisions that are strategic, expand to new markets, launch new products, or make adjustments to any pricing strategies.

Data security

With stringent encryption, robust access controls, and efficient procedures in place to back up data, CPA firms can trust that their clients sensitive financial and personal information is protected at all times by the offshore bookkeepers they are outsourcing their work to.

Round-the-clock access

Because much of outsourced bookkeeping for cpas takes place overseas, operating in different time zones is second nature to them. Clients are provided with financial data at times that are appropriate for them, enabling them to seek support exactly when they need it, and make decisions in real-time.

Could offshore bookkeeping services help your busy CPA firm cope with intense workloads while still satisfying clients and attracting new ones? You bet! Now that you know what the responsibilities of offshore bookkeepers are, why not take the opportunity to explore the possibilities of working with them, today.